Why Market360

Market 360 is hyperlocal classified search portal with help retailer business to grow in the local market.Our hyperlocal search service will help customers to find the right store near their location and not need to travel long distances to purchase products or services

The Advantages of Market 360

  • Market 360 is developed on Google algorithm to get the best search results.
  • You can put any amount of posting about your product and services. you also put discounts and happy hours.
  • No Website required:
  • You would not require a website. Your domain can be added to market 360.If someone types your web address it will take them your site where they will be able to see all the products and services you offer.
  • You will not require spending separately for better search results.
  • TIP for better ranking.
  • Based on the google inputs, you must post about as much of information your product, services, and discounts for getting top rating in search ranking.

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